Cellphone Faux pas…

I planned to comment on this article sometime in the future, but the events of today changed that plan.
Intercristo is part of the CRISTA Family. Twice a month, the ministry leaders gather for prayer and updates on what’s going on in the other eight ministries. CEO Bob Lonac thoughtfully reminded us this morning about keeping our cell phones quiet during these, and other meetings taking place on Campus. “As leaders,” he stated; “we need to set the example of courtesy and attentiveness”.
Now, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve become so concerned with ‘staying connected’, that we’ve strayed from the ideals of courtesy and thoughtfulness towards others. So hearing this, I thought it would be okay to just turn my phone to vibrate, not off. After all, it isn’t ringing and I can still be know if I get that ‘important’ call right? Well, it didn’t work out that way.
Instead of turning my phone to vibrate, I toggled through to FULL RING! So, imagine my embarrassment when I get a phone call right in the middle of our prayer time?
I felt like I was complying with Bob’s wishes and turning my phone to vibrate. In reality, I was bending his request to meet mine. That was wrong. I should’ve turned the phone off, period. If the phone call is important enough to interrupt a meeting, than someone can find me.
The same can happen during a job interview. It is best to turn the phone completely off, not on vibrate. — Ron


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