Do the Interview…

I recently read this article – (Employers Increasingly Jilted by Job Seekers) and wondered; why is this happening?
If you truly wanted a job, or career, why would you not even show up for an interview you committed too?  How would it be if the employer didn’t show up? With unemployment numbers at 2-year high, what kind of favor are you doing yourself? Douglas Rumford makes a profound statement in his book SoulShaping. He writes, “We make our commitments, then our commitments make us. Once they are chosen, many other choices follow as a matter of course.” Once we commit to follow Jesus, many other decisions in life must fall into line or we overturn our prior commitment.
So, if you’re committed to Jesus, shouldn’t being committed to a job interview just fall in line?  Maybe this article is talking only about non-Christians, but from the feedback I get from employers using Intercristo; I doubt it.  When jobs a plentiful, employers complain about the lack of sincerity from job seekers.  When jobs are scarce, job seekers complaing about the lack of sincerity from employers. 
With unemployment rates starting to rise again…who will we be hearing from now? – Ron


2 Responses to “Do the Interview…”

  1. 1 recruiter too January 7, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    This sounds a lot like the CBS 60-Minutes article regarding hiring, working with and supervising “millenials”. Millenials are the 20-somethings who have a different view of work, career and loyalty to an employer.

    An older generation, perhaps the grandparents of millenials, may have viewed their job as work, but also as a privilege. They may have felt fortunate to have a job. A millenial sees a job or career as an entitlement, and, at best something that provides fulfillment, or at least cash for lifestyle sustenance. Those 20-somethings interviewed in the 60-Minutes article didn’t see any problem with jumping from job to job to get where they want to go or just for a ‘change of scenery’.

    So, with that mindset, showing up or not showing up for an interview may be based on the young job hunter’s fleeting feelings getting a job and the idea that “if I blow it off today something better will come along tomorrow” rather than a previous generation’s ideas of professional courtesy or societal responsibility.

    We can not longer assume certain things about job hunters and employees. We know that we must have understanding and dialog with employees, who knew that we would need understanding and dialog just to get a candidate to an interview? I guess you have to decide how badly you want to talk to that candidate to first lay down and confirm some ground rules for an interview.

  2. 2 Eleena January 30, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    I look forward to the opportunity of attending an interview through Intercristo! Being able to hunt for a work place that does not mask their faith in Christ, I will feel like I am selling the employee that I actually am! As opposed to my previous jobs, supposedly my faith would offend everyone, wanting and needing the job- I’d find myself masking who I truely am.

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