New Year Job Hunting Advice

January is usually a busy time for Intercristo.  A new career, or a chance to ‘take stock’ of what you’re doing usually brings plenty of ‘lookers’ to our site.  With Thanksgiving and New Year’s behind us, Job seekers are now getting serious about what their job search.  We’ve already seen a 15% increase in traffic to our site and it’s only the 2nd of January!  That means more people are looking, making the competition a little tougher

So, what can you as a jobseeker do to enhance your chances? 

  1. Post your resume – How serious are you in your job search?  If you’re serious, post a resume.  Remember, you ultimately have the say in whether you’ll accept any job offer.  If you don’t post a resume, you’re missing out on employers trying to find you.  And with Intercristo, your resume is only active as long as your account is active.  That’s why we have 60-day limits.  You can always renew, but you won’t have a dead resume lying out there on Intercristo.  Also, employers have to post a legitimate job before we allow them to search resumes. 
  2. Be Proactive in your search  – How often do you login and search for jobs?  Are you using different keywords to search with?  As an example – you may be searching for a Custodial position.  And while you may call it ‘Custodian’; a similar job may be posted for a ‘Janitor’ or ‘Maintenance Engineer’ , or ‘Cleaning Person’.
  3. Expand your search area – This is always a tough one, because most people want to work where they live.  The advantage to Intercristo is we are worldwide, with opportunities posted all over.  The disadvantage to Intercristo is we are worldwide, with opportunities posted all over. So, think about where you are and how far you’re willing to go to find the right opportunity.
  4. Network and Pray – Who knows you’re looking for work?  Are they your advocates?  Have you asked them to be?  And who is praying with and for you about work? 

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