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With the merger of and, we have created the largest Christian employment site on the internet. Intercristo is a Christian job referral organization designed to assist employers and candidates by facilitating successful employment opportunities and placements. Intercristo and are now your Christian employment connection.

As a loyal user we wanted you to be the first to hear our big news.  So, what does this mean for you?

  • More job listings in your city to help you find exactly the right opportunity.
  • An improved and expanded toolset will make managing your job search even easier.
  • Additional resume and interviewing resources to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

Resume Building – it’s more than experience

Resumes are supposed to give would-be employers a snapshot of your skills, abilities, and how you’ve used them. So, what happens if you’re just out of school, or just returning to the job market after raising a family? What do you put on your resume?
Notice I didn’t say a snapshot of your past jobs? Too often, job seekers believe a resume is all about the jobs they’ve held.
Actually, it’s less about the job and more about what you did on the job.
As a student, you’ve juggled class time, home work, and your outside activities. You have organizational skills. Highlight them.
As a parent, you’ve organized snack schedules for your child’s games, delegated tasks at your church, or child’s school and probably assisted with sort of fundraising effort. Showcase those efforts.
Let employers know what you have to offer, not just the jobs you’ve held. – Ron

Talk to God lately?…

Proverbs 19:2 says It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way. When people contact me about working in a Christian organization,or just wanting to change jobs, the first question I ask is ‘have you had a conversation with God about this?’ I ask because it is important to make sure you’re following God’s path, not just the path you think God wants you to follow. And, it is a conversation. It’s not “ah…God, I want to serve you. I’m going to work in a Christian place. And we’ll do great things together when I’m there.” It may take more than one conversation to hear God’s word. I know. It took more than 2 ½ years of prayer before God led me to Intercristo. Friends, there are plenty of opportunities to serve God. Talk with Him. See where He wants you to join Him. Not where you want Him to join you.

Character Counts

Character Counts

My wife always reminds me, ’it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’. As you prepare your resumes and cover letters, you might keep those words in mind. Sure, employers want to see that you have the skill sets they need. But, how you apply those skill sets is just as important as having them.

  • There is a difference between tenacious and ruthless
  • There is a difference between team-first and team-work
  • There is a difference between rationalizing and responsibility
    Your skills may get you noticed, but how you apply them will have a greater impact on your current and future career opportunities- Ron
  • Sick Leave…optional or mandatory

    As a job seeker, how much do you weigh employer paid benefits?  Take sick leave; is this a required benefit? 

    When I was younger, I worked for a Grocery Store Chain in Seattle.  We were a union shop.  Our wages and health benefits were great, but our sick leave policy was terrible.  To collect on any sick leave, you had to be off work 3 consecutive days then provide a doctor’s note explaining your illness, before you would receive sick leave.

    Where my wife works now, they bank their sick leave and get a percentage of that banked amount when leaving the company. Nice in theory, but if you have someone using little or no sick leave for a number of years, the cost of cashing out the individual could make the company ill.

    An Ohio Newspaper ran this article today about legislation that would make sick leave a ‘mandatory’ benefit for all companies with 25+ employees. Even part-timers would be eligible under this legislation.

    I think sick leave is a good thing…if used for the right purpose. When it’s used to just give someone a day off, it costs the employer and the employees who are at work that day. Sick leave is an added cost for employers. I believe it is a great benefit, but I dont’ think it should be mandatory.

    What do you think? – Ron

    I’ll be in touch…Honest…

    As you go through a job transition you’ve probably head this statement dozens if not hundreds of times.  I know I’ve been on both sides of this statement through the years.  When you first start looking for a job, all you ‘friends’ express an interest in helping you and staying in touch with you.  But it’s funny how that circle gets smaller and smaller as the job search grows longer and longer.  The last time I went through this (1997), it was 6-weeks before I got work again.  And, the number of ‘friends’ who stayed in contact went from about 30 to about 2. Was people’s concern just artificial?  Were they expressing it for themselves, or for me?

    In the past 3-years, I’ve seen more than 2-dozen co-workers or friends lose their jobs after a minimum of 5 years.  So, these were not short-term employees.  Now, I’m on the other side.  I get to offer the support I didn’t get much of.  And, I’ve attempted to keep in touch with their progress in landing something new.  Obviously, as the operator of a job board, I get plenty of calls. 

    I have to admit though, it gets harder to email, call, or see someone who’s job search is never ending.  I want to be sympathetic and supportive.  But, should I really bring up ‘how goes the job search?’  If it was going great, they’d have a job right?  Since they are still looking, it isn’t going well so should you bring up the topic?

    I know how I’ve handled these situations, but I’m wondering how would you?  – Ron

    Cellphone Faux pas…

    I planned to comment on this article sometime in the future, but the events of today changed that plan.
    Intercristo is part of the CRISTA Family. Twice a month, the ministry leaders gather for prayer and updates on what’s going on in the other eight ministries. CEO Bob Lonac thoughtfully reminded us this morning about keeping our cell phones quiet during these, and other meetings taking place on Campus. “As leaders,” he stated; “we need to set the example of courtesy and attentiveness”.
    Now, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve become so concerned with ‘staying connected’, that we’ve strayed from the ideals of courtesy and thoughtfulness towards others. So hearing this, I thought it would be okay to just turn my phone to vibrate, not off. After all, it isn’t ringing and I can still be know if I get that ‘important’ call right? Well, it didn’t work out that way.
    Instead of turning my phone to vibrate, I toggled through to FULL RING! So, imagine my embarrassment when I get a phone call right in the middle of our prayer time?
    I felt like I was complying with Bob’s wishes and turning my phone to vibrate. In reality, I was bending his request to meet mine. That was wrong. I should’ve turned the phone off, period. If the phone call is important enough to interrupt a meeting, than someone can find me.
    The same can happen during a job interview. It is best to turn the phone completely off, not on vibrate. — Ron